The guy lost his van keys yesterday

I got out of my car a couple of days ago in addition to got ready to go directly into the house.

I looked over to the next door neighbor as well as saw someone in the yard. It was a heating, ventilation and addition to AC professional. The guy was looking carefully at the grass on the lawn. I decided to go talk with him. My neighbor wasn’t home, and I knew she was actually gone for a couple of days. I talked with the heating flush AC technician plus asked if there was something the matter. The guy stood up abruptly and said he was at that current home on the previous day testing the furnace. While the guy was there, he dropped the keys to his heating, ventilation and addition to AC repair truck. The guy had to contact the business owner so he could have a spare set of keys and the boss made him come back to consistently search the lawn for the keys. For the next 10 fourth, the heating, ventilation in addition to AC professional continued to search on the ground for the keys. At one point I happened to look up at the porch and there was a red envelope on the door. I retrieved that envelope in addition to both of us looked at the contest. Inside of the envelope where are the keys to the heating, ventilation and addition to AC truck. The neighbor must have found them and then left them on the door so the guy wouldn’t get into any trouble.
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