The Heating Industry is About to Get a Whole Lot Hotter

I hear a lot of talk about weather conditions change and how the hot and cold temperatures are getting hotter each year but I am a bit skeptical about it all. We have been having some easily freezing winters the past few years and the summers are the same as they were 40 years ago when I was a kid. I’m not saying that this justifies anything but I don’t easily notice that much of a change in the weather conditions compared to many years ago. Maybe I’m not looking at the scientific evidence and maybe if I did it would change how I feel. I have had some easily fancy power bills due to running the oil furnace gas furnace so much this winter. It was so freezing a few of the days that we woke up to our water pipes bursting in the day. I am thinking of getting a chop heating program and running some of the warm air in the ducts into the subfloor to keep the water pipes warm on these easily freezing days. It costs me a lot of money to get the pipes repaired and I can’t spend that much again if it happens next Winter time so I know my solution is a nice a single. Maybe installing a radiant gas furnace near the pipes is another option, but I know if I run some extra ducts from my central heating device it will do the trick. I know we have had some of the coldest winters of the century here the past few years. I bet the heating industry isn’t too infuriated about weather conditions change.
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