We felt so much better with space heaters in the camper

Dad wanted us to go on many adventures. Ever since we moved to the city, we had stopped being outgoing. The city was always busy, and we felt we wanted to get away. So, one evening, dad surprised us all with a camper attached to his truck. We were so happy to see it when he pulled up and started planning a trip. It was spring, and we knew the best time to be out and about was summer. Our first trip that summer was to a mountainous region near our new home. We got to experience being in the camper, which felt lovely thanks to its HVAC system. Dad had splurged big on the best camper, which came with an HVAC system to keep up comfortable. We’d even manage to go on adventures since the heating unit was good enough to handle winter temperatures. The first few days of the trip were quite memorable. We got to experience the great outdoors and didn’t even miss the city once. However, on day 4, something went wrong with the HVAC system. We were seated having breakfast that morning when the central cooling unit stopped working. Dad was a bit frustrated with this and called the camper company to complain. They said dad should take the camper to them when we got back to check why the HVAC system had stopped working. But that would be later since we still had a few more days of fun and adventure. Luckily, mom had packed three portable AC units, which we used for the remainder of the trip. We placed one portable AC in the living room and two in the sleeping areas.


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