A month without air conditioning was a month in hell.

My spouse told me a month before Summer began that it was time to have the air conditioning component worked on.

I told him that he deeded to write it on the calendar so that I had a reminder that I had to call the HVAC corporation, although he never did & neither did I.

There was nothing on the calendar to remind me to call the HVAC corporation, so I never called them. So, when Summer started it came on fool. One day it was in the mid-76s, & the next day it was literally in the 90s. Two nights after the 90s hit, our air conditioning component broke… My spouse was angry that I had not called & had the A/C component worked on, & I was just as angry at myself. However, I did remind him after that the two of us asked him to put a reminder on the calendar, which dismayed him even angrier. I already had our iPhone in our hand & they were answering at the HVAC corporation when he started yelling. I shushed him long enough to tell the receptionist that our air conditioning component was not working. She told me that every a single of their HVAC texts were out taking care of broken air conditioning units & the two of us would have to rest narrow for at least a week. Because our spouse didn’t write it on the calendar, & I forgot to call the HVAC corporation for servicing, the two of us had to go for at least a month without air conditioning & it was a month from hell. There wasn’t a single day throughout the time when the two of us didn’t have air conditioning that the un-even temperatures were not in the mid-90s.