After the evening of fun, things turned into a eveningmare

My friends plus I got together to watch the pigskin playoffs.

  • Both of us had a celebration at our site on the first weekend when the two of us watched the Wildcard games.

My bestie plus I spent the afternoon before the games cleaning our condo plus making hors d’oeuvres plus appetizers. Both of us wanted everything to be perfect. I decided to go to the liquor store plus I bought many bottles of alcohol. I also went to the budweiser distributor plus bought a half keg. Our whole afternoon was filled with fun plus activities. Both of us enjoyed enjoying all of the games with our friends plus our preferred teams did honestly well. All of them 1 except 1 team. My bestie plus I we’re glad when the last person finally went home. It had been a long afternoon plus both of us wanted to crash on the bed plus sleep for minutes, and unfortunately, shortly after our friends left the two of us had a problem with the heat pump plus AC system, and no sizzling air was coming out of the HVAC duct when the heat pump was running. The beach house was getting colder plus colder with each minute plus minute that passed. I told our bestie that our best bet would be to call a repair maintenance now instead of waiting until the morning. It cost an extra $50 to have an emergency repair worker come out at evening, however our bestie plus I did not mind spending the extra money. Both of us didn’t want to wake up in the morning without any heat in the house. It was best to handle the problem immediately.


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