Commercial bee removal services might involve with extermination or relocation

I was one of those people who avoided thinking about bug or insect care.

Aside from being careless about leaving food out for ants and cockroaches to find, I never put out traps and wasn’t good about getting consistent visits from the local extermination company.

When I was in an apartment, the bug care was handled by an outside company and they’d treat the inside of the units whenever they’d come around to do the exterior spaces. There was never a need for me to remember these visits; the exterminator would simply knock on the door upon their arrival. Unfortunately I have struggled to keep up with bug care now that I’m living in a house where it’s my job to remember to call the exterminator to schedule a visit. As a result of neglecting yard treatment for insects, I have started to have issues with ants along the base of the foundation and bees and wasps in hives along the roof overhang. I called a commercial bee removal service and they said that they offered both extermination and relocation services for bees. They will relocate honey bees at no additional cost, but they will only perform full blown extermination if you need to get rid of wasp, hornet, or yellow jackets nests and hives. I negotiated a fair price and made the appointment with the commercial bee removal service for the following Monday. The exterminator was both friendly and quick with his work. After the exterminator left, I wrote a positive review on Google for his company. I’m happy to call this commercial bee removal service again in the future if the bees and wasps come back.


Bee Extermination