Getting a portable grow room

I watched a documentary on Netflix about grow rooms and got excited, but i decided that I wanted to grow cannabis plants.

At first I tried using a grow tent outside our house although I ended up killing our plants. I then attempted the grow box system however that didn’t work. I am retired, had the currency and I wanted to grow cannabis on a larger scale. I found a portable facilities company that offers turnkey solutions! They grow component all in a convenient shipping container, and grow pod solutions changed everything for me. I got to design our grow room all online. I choose to get LED lights, humidifiers, ventilation, a nutrient system and a hydroponic system. They set you up for success. I still had to do research and figure out what to do during the growing, flowering and trimming stages. I needed to suppose how much light, water and nutrients to give our plants. I also had to cut and cure the cannabis plants; None of it was easy, however it was made so much better by our grow room, however having it all in a small facility was great, what was especially nice is our grow room had a door that locked, a window and plumbing! Yes, it was luxurious however worth every penny, and from the outside it doesn’t look adore much, not going to lie, then once you are inside you would swear I own and operate a professional grow room. I am hopeful to someday sell our products to people, and right now it is just a fun interest I invested quite a bit of currency into.

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