Getting zone controlled HVAC in our home helps

I was really impressed with the efforts my family has made over the nearly two years of this pandemic.

We have all shown the ability to adapt to changes and find a way to get on with living in whatever way we needed to.

However, the last two years has seen my family and I spend a whole lot of time inside the air conditioning of our home. My wife and I both saw the offices with the zone controlled HVAC close. We had to work from the safety and security of our HVAC and for less money that first year. This past year, things have opened up a bit more. The kids are back to school and we are all vaccinated. So there seems to be less worry about getting really, bad sick with the virus. That said, I’m still working from home and will continue to do that. It’s something that I would not have thought would really be the sort of outcome I had in mind. But the fact is that I just don’t miss the zone controlled HVAC in the office. I really like working from home with less distractions and interruptions. My work reflected this as it has never been better. Once I decided to stay home permanently, I chose to add zone controlled HVAC. This works out great because I like to work in a cooler environment than the rest of the house. Since I have my own thermostat for my home office area, this makes that sort of comfort easily attainable. Plus, the kids really like the zone controlled HVAC as well. This new HVAC upgrade has really helped out around here in a number of ways.

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