Have you ever heard of cowboy HVAC techs?

My partner and I recently moved to Texas.

  • He was in the service, and stationed at an army base there.

I wasn’t so sure I wanted to live in Texas, since I have spent my entire life in the north, but since I was willing to spend my life with him, I was willing to move for him. I don’t know what I was expecting when we moved there at the beginning of summer, but I was not prepared for the extreme heat. I guess I never thought much about what it would be like living in Texas. I soon learned that it was a lot of desert, and even more heat. The only good thing about it, was that the heat wasn’t a sweltering humid heat, but dry. The house we were moved into when we first got there, had poor air conditioning. The first thing on my list of to do’s after our first night in the house, was to call the HVAC company. I had to make sure I had somebody in the house within a day or two so that I could have the air conditioning working properly. As much as I loved my partner, I knew there was no way I could stay in this area if I didn’t have good air-conditioning. When I told him I was calling the HVAC company in the morning, he just looked at me inside. He said if I hadn’t mentioned it, he was going to ask me to call the HVAC company. I guess he didn’t like the heat any more than I did.

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