HVAC is also about the humidity

It was so weird to hear the heat pump kick on early this morning.

I hadn’t even heard that thing running in a couple of months.

But that’s pretty normal around here in the winter. The winter is just so mild that the heat pump stays pretty quiet. But we are getting a bit of a cold snap at the moment. When I was bringing in the plants last night, I wondered if the heat pump would end up kicking on. We keep our house so sealed up tight that often times, the house just doesn’t get cold enough for the thermostat setting. But the HVAC heating did kick on this morning even if it wasn’t for very long. And I have to say that it was quite welcome as it knocked off the chill in the house before I had to get up. However, the heat pump is really essential when it comes to the heat of this area. And there is no shortage of high temperatures. Thankfully, I’m able to rely on our quality residential HVAC to provide the HVAC cooling we need for the summer. The heat pump has never let us down. And we also do our best to lighten the load on the heat pump during the summer as well. However, there is just no way to go totally without HVAC cooling in the summer. Sure there is heat but there is also humidity. And the heat pump is balancing that humidity level inside our home as it’s cooling the home. That’s just a bonus part of the air conditioning process.


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