I Can Never get Enough Chocolate each Day

I have a problem with dark chocolate.

I could knock down a whole bar no problem.

The only problem with that is the caffeine in the chocolate keeps me up all night long. Some people can drink a cup of coffee before bed and fall asleep easily. I am not so lucky. I wake up all of the time dying of hunger or thirst, jealous of all those folks who sleep through the night. I’ve learned to cope with it and even have a banana and peanut butter beside my bed so I can eat quickly and get back to sleep. I also need to keep my thermostat at 68F at night or I won’t sleep very well because I get so hot. I like to keep my window open during the night but sometimes the bar next to me is so loud that it is impossible to do. So on those nights, I end up turning on the air conditioner and wasting money, cooling my very well insulated house in the wintertime. At least it’s not freezing in the day in my flat like my other places I lived in with their old rattly windows. I have newer double pane windows and they keep the heat and cold in the house very well during the cold and hot months, respectively. It’s good to invest in a new heating and air conditioner too, if you’re old one is losing its efficiency and costing you more money. This allows you more cash to buy the things that you really need, like dark chocolate.


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