I found out some interesting information about our dad

Last Tuesday I responded to a repair call at the hotel by the mall.

The supervisor of the hotel called because the air conditioner in the kitchen wasn’t laboring.

They had a catering event later that day plus they wanted the AC problem fixed immediately. I was the specialist assigned to the commercial repair job. I pulled into the hotel parking lot shortly before lunch time. I evaluated the situation plus found the problem rather hastily. I had to go back to the workshop for supplies. I was going about 45 minutes. When I returned to the parking lot, I had to park all the way in the back. All of the spaces were full. I parked our labor truck under an awning at the end of the row. I noticed a vehicle next to mine that looked exactly care about our dad’s Ford. I looked into the back seat plus I saw our dad’s sweater. The vehicle did belong to our dad, plus I wondered why it was in the parking lot of the hotel. I called our dad on his cell PC plus he told me that he was at the office. I knew that was a lie, plus I wanted to get to the bottom of the truth. My mom plus dad have been divorced for 10 years. My dad swears he isn’tever going to get married again; Clearly he is dating someone that he meets in a hotel. I do not think why he is keeping the relationship a secret, especially since he’s been divorced from our mom for 10 years.



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