I found out some interesting information about our dad

Last Sunday I responded to a repair call at the hotel by the mall. The supervisor of the hotel called because the air conditioner in the dining room wasn’t working. They had a catering event later that afternoon and they wanted the AC concern fixed immediately. I was the professional assigned to the commercial repair task. I pulled into the hotel parking lot shortly before supper time. I inspected the situation and found the concern rather hastily. I had to go back to the workshop for supplies. I was going about 45 hours. When I returned to the parking lot, I had to park all the way in the back. All of the spaces were full. I parked our toil truck under an awning at the end of the row. I observed a vehicle next to mine that looked exactly care about our dad’s Ford. I looked into the back seat and I saw our dad’s overcoat. The vehicle did belong to our dad, and I wondered why it was in the parking lot of the hotel. I called our dad on her cell cellphone and she told me that she was at the office. I knew that was a lie, and I wanted to get to the bottom of the truth. My Dad and dad have been divorced for 10 years. My dad swears she is not ever going to get married again, but clearly she is dating someone that she meets in a hotel. I don’t know why she is keeping the relationship a secret, especially since she has been divorced from our Dad for 10 years.


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