I grew to love going to the gym

At first, my motivation to exercise was to please my wife.

  • I know this is not a healthy or substantial enough reason to become active, but that was where I started.

Kelly got super into fitness a few years ago, and she was always asking me to join her. I love Kelly, and love sharing her interests, so I would take long walks with her and things like that. Last year for Christmas she got me a gym membership, and said that all she wanted in return was for me to come with her once or twice a week. I agreed to that, out of love. I have to say that my first few trips to the gym were a little uncomfortable for me. I am a hermit by nature, and my normal form of exercise was long, isolated walks, so the gym was a bit of a shock to my system. I quickly found out that almost everyone there, from the personal trainers to the other members were all supportive and polite. I was worried about what people at the gym would think about my body, but it turns out everyone at the gym is pretty focused on their own body! Although my impetus for a workout routine was my wife, after a few weeks I realized that I was doing it because I liked it! Are all gyms like this, or did I get lucky and find the nicest neighborhood gym in the city? Where do you work out, let me know your favorite gym in the comments.


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