I hope yoga can jump start my health plans

I believe it’s a cliche, despite the fact that I really am trying to use the New Year as a reason to focus on my health, then i believe it won’t last long, because this isn’t the first time I’ve made this certain up-to-date year’s resolution, but for now I am 100% into the process.

I started lightly, by taking active yearly walks.

I don’t mean going for a wander, I mean walking fast, setting a pace, plus working out my legs. I started with 1 mile a day, plus then bumped it up to 2 miles. I am not definitely losing any weight, though, so I may need to go to a gym, but my dentist recommended that I start a workout planner, which is sort of the physical fitness version of a diary; This day planner is used exclusively to log my workout routines plus meals, plus to system out my future goals. The workout planner helps myself and others be more organized, but it doesn’t really help with my motivation. I savor the system of workout classes, but at the same time going for the first time feels savor it would be awkward. The same thing is true for yoga, because I am interesting in trying yoga but since I’ve never done it before I’m afraid I’ll look stupid. Before I go to a yoga studio, I will play along with a few different Youtube yoga videos, but at least that way I will believe the basic yoga poses, plus not seem savor a total noob. I hope yoga can help jump-start my health plans.


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