I shouldn’t have canceled A/C maintenance

I should have listened to my gut feeling. As a person who is strongly connected to their emotional side, I usually listen when I have a bad feeling about something, but sometimes I don’t and then I later regret it. My most recent event of this happening was actually with our heater and A/C. My husband and I have had the same HVAC device for about 8 years now, and it is still going strong! I am really quite happy with how it’s been, considering it was my husband and I that made the investment. However, making an investment means taking proper care, and that is why I always made sure to get HVAC tune ups regularly. Every time, my husband would loudly claim that I was wasting my time, and for a long time I didn’t listen to him, but after years without incident I was beginning to wonder if it was really worth it. I already had the appointment for the A/C maintenance schedule, and when my husband found out, he started to complain. Although I had a feeling I shouldn’t cancel it, I decided to listen to my husband and I canceled the appointment. Not only a week later, the HVAC machine broke down, and now I am sure it is going to be even more expensive to fix. I should have just listened to my gut feeling, and gone with the maintenance, I won’t be making this mistake again. But for now I am going to have to remake another appointment, except this time it is going to be for heating and A/C repair.

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