I started working for a Heating & A/C store

I got a area time job as a cashier at a Heating & A/C store.

I got this job because I really needed the extra money on the side, plus this job was perfect because it had unbelievable minutes plus was only a 10 minute walk from my house, then for the most area my job is really easy, clients come in with questions plus I can direct them to the air conditioner specialist, or they are coming to buy items plus I can ring them up.

The air conditioner store is not super busy, which is also really nice, because it allows me to get other things appreciate cleaning up the store done much faster, however there is a single thing that I don’t really care for about this job, plus that is the promotions. Every time there is a promotion plus it ends, there is regularly at least a single person that comes in after it has expired plus demands to get the promotion anyways. There was a sale on smart thermostats awhile back, plus most of them sold hastily. After the sale had ended, I had a customer come up plus demand to buy the thermostat plus get the sales price, which wasn’t going to happen. They flipped out plus I had to put the smart thermostat away. It really annoys me when things appreciate this happen, a single because it’s not my fault, plus multiple, if they were just there on time this wouldn’t be an issue. But apart from that small issue, I really appreciate working at the air conditioner corporation.
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