I thought I wanted a body massage.

I had never had a body massage before, but my friend was telling me I should. I had been getting a lot of stress headaches lately, and my shoulders felt tight and stiff. She told me that if I were to get a body massage, I would feel like a new woman. She even offered to go with me so I wouldn’t feel alone. It sounded like a good idea at the time so I told her to go ahead and make the appointment. When we got to the salon, I noticed there were several different types of body massage to choose from. I asked her what she had signed us up for. She had an appointment for a deep muscle massage, but mine was just for relaxation. The good thing was that we would be in the same room when they did our massages. When we were finally called in for our appointment, they gave us robes and told us to lay down on the bed. I was getting more nervous, the longer I laid on that bed, but my friend was practically falling asleep. When they started our body massage, the masseuse made a mistake and started giving me a deep muscle massage. When I got done crying, the masseuse moved over to my friend. I got up and began to dress. I told my friend, I changed my mind about the body massage and realized that I only thought I wanted a body massage. I had to wait for almost an hour before her body massage was complete. That’s when I wished I had brought my own car.


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