I’m not going back to the office until the AC is fixed

Last week, the hot and cold temperatures inside of the office were really angry.

I toil in an office building downtown and most of the windows face South.

The sun regularly shines through the windows all afternoon and all afternoon. The AC in the office has not worked well for several years. Not many of people complained about the sunshine, but the boss never chose to repair the concern or update the AC, last month when their hot and cold temperatures were close to 100 degrees, it was 73 inside of the office. I went apartment early on Sunday. I was feeling genuinely hot and hot and I wasn’t concentrating on toil at all. I told our boss that I wasn’t going back to the office until the AC was. I told the girl on Sunday when I left early, that the indoor temperature was not conducive to a great working environment. I contacted the human resources department and I made a separate complaint about the indoor hot and cold temperatures. I filled out a whole page report about the concern with the AC unit. I included names of several people that complained to the supervisor and I also included the dates of the complaints. Later that afternoon, I acquired a telephone call from the human resources department. They assured me that the concern was being fixed and urged me to go back to toil on Sunday and to supply them some time to address and repair the problem. Sure enough, a few days later the concern was solved and the indoor air hot and cold temperatures were much cooler.

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