I’m so Grateful for Having Climate Control Inside my House

What’s it all about anyways? I mean, what keeps us pushing ahead when life seems so full of trials and tribulations? I have been around the world searching for meaning and purpose, yet I’m still not quite sure what my purpose in life is.

I thought it was to succeed and make money but this seems pointless in a way.

I could just as easily do nothing and be happy, so why go through all this effort to “succeed” when in the end it doesn’t really matter. I guess it comes down to finding what gives you joy and just doing that. I’m sitting in my office trying to heat up my body after my cold swim. I have the heater on high and I just finished soaking my hands and feet in hot water to warm them up. I don’t know how these homeless people survive out there in this brutal cold weather. I offered a homeless guy some food yesterday and he said no thanks, kind of funny. I can’t imagine sleeping with no heat or air conditioning in the crazy hot and cold weather we have here in the summers and winters, respectively. I have enough trouble sleeping at night in my nice soft bed with the climate set perfectly for a comfortable existence inside the house. As I think about it, I believe it is time to have my heating equipment tuned up and cleaned for the winter. I think my air conditioner is about seven or eight years old and it seems to be an efficient machine. Thank God for climate control!

Cooling equipment