It was me or the pig.

For the last six years, I have been an HVAC technician with the local HVAC company. I have loved my job and I’ve never met a client that I didn’t enjoy working with. Last week was a little bit of a change up for me. I got to the house so I could do the servicing on their air conditioning unit. I walked into the house and I heard some really strange noises, and I almost walked back out. The owner came out of the kitchen, and he was carrying a pig in his arms. The last time I had been around a pig, it was the pig that my sister owned. For some unknown reason, the pig took an instant dislike to me and bit me in the leg. A part of me wanted to tell the owner of this house that he had to get rid of the pig I was leaving. Basically, I realized that I was giving him an ultimatum that it was me or the pig, and I couldn’t do that. I knew he needed to have his air conditioning unit serviced, so I asked him to show me to the air conditioning unit. He decided to tie his pig up in the backyard where he was less than 3 feet away from me. The owner must have seen the fear on my face when I looked at the pig, because he then changed his mind and took the pig back into the house. After I had the air conditioning unit service, I stood outside the door and handed him his receipt.


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