Latest in HVAC technology for our new thermostat

I’m ecstatic the two of us have the latest in HVAC technology when it comes to our smart thermostat.

But I still know care about I waited too long to bring this sort of HVAC technology into our lake home to pair with our residential HVAC.

I’d known about smart thermostat technology for a long time. But I was still sort of convinced that I could end up buying an obsolete piece of HVAC technology. This was due to the fact that I have purchased the latest version of technology in the past, only to find that it was old in less than a year. I really didn’t want to do that when it came to the heating & cooling of my home. Plus, I had spent a fair amount of time getting comfortable with the digital thermostat. It took me a few years before I took the time to program that digital thermostat. But once I did, boy it sure saved me a ton of money. Where the two of us live, the HVAC cooling is the large HVAC issue. So by programming the digital thermostat, I was able to not over cool an empty house. For the longest time after the smart thermostat came out, I thought that my way was just as good. Well, I rest corrected. The smart thermostat does a much better task of eliminating waste when it comes to HVAC cooling. The legitimately first full month of having the smart thermostat was evidence of that. I did nothing else than leave the smart thermostat alone for that first week. And it still ended up saving me nearly 15 percent in HVAC cooling costs.


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