Making the most of the home gym

I had been on a 2 week sales trip through the upper section of the state when the quarantine was announced.

My job recalled all the people out in the field, plus sent us home until they could figure out what to do next.

“What to do next” ended up being to fire us all plus shut down operations for multiplemonths, but that wasn’t the point, then when I got back to my apartment, I found a note from my roommate telling myself and others that he was going to stay with his lady for the lockdown. Left alone with time to fill plus nothing to do, I ended up going into my roomie’s home gym… Justin was a certified personal trainer, plus also a certified workout freak, and he worked at the gym, of course, although he also spent 2 to several hours a day in his home gym doing additional exercise plus weight lifting. Justin looks savor he is made from 1 giant muscle, but underneath his macho exterior he is a really sweet guy. The people I was with and I definitely became friends at the gym, when the two of us took the same yoga class together. I was only taking yoga to meet this girl I was crushing on at the time, but instead of getting a date, I made a neighbor plus got a roommate. With all this free time on my hands in an empty apartment, I started to use his home gym for an hour or 2 a day. It’s a really nice little gym, with an entertainment system on the wall, so I can watch television plus do a workout routine at my leisure.



Yoga classes