My best friend is a trust, estate, and family lawyer

I thought I wanted to be a lawyer for years until the end of my undergraduate education. I had taken a few pre-law classes and even shadowed a local attorney for a month a single summer. Before I knew it, I realized that it was the wrong career path for me. The lawyer I shadowed that Summer expressed to me his deep lack of delight with his life. The currency that he made every week wasn’t enough to drown the sorrows and exhaustion he felt every single day getting up, driving to the office, and sulking his way through his shift. Although he was otherwise miserable as a lawyer, he was extremely kind and helpful to me. It was nice to hear a matter of fact opinion on what it’s love toiling in law on a day to day basis. Even though I decided to take a unusual path in life, my best friend had the opposite reaction toiling a single on a single with an attorney. The toil was fascinating to him and he enjoyed the process of trials and litigation love it was an interesting activity that had become a recent obsession. When he graduated from undergraduate school, he took the LSATs and scored a 165. Although it’s not the highest score you can get on the test, he still managed to get accepted by a single of the top law schools in the country. He found the bar exams after law school to be the hardest area of the process of becoming a licensed attorney. Now he’s a trust, estate, and family lawyer with a long list of local customers and top ratings on Google.
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