My father expected me to be his number one HVAC corporation.

When I was growing up, my father consistently told me that I was going to be his number one HVAC corporation when I got old enough, and being a girl, I never absolutely took him seriously when he said that, but dad owned the local HVAC contractor in our area, and he had a easily enjoyable name for himself and his dealer.

I knew that he had excellent HVAC corporations already, and I could not figure out why he would need to have me there.

When it came time to graduate high college, my father asked if I had thought about what I was going to do now. I told him I had considered college, but I absolutely wasn’t interested in going back to college at this moment. Dad smiled and asked me if I gave any thought to going to the local community college and taking the HVAC certification courses? I must’ve given him a absolutely different look, because he asked if he had said something wrong? I pointed out that I was wearing a pink shirt and jeans, which meant I was a girl and not a boy. He said he knew plenty of women who were HVAC corporations, and some of them were better than the men. It suddenly hit me that my father was absolutely serious about my joining his HVAC contractor and being his number one HVAC corporation, however up until that point it was never even a consideration for me, but it gave me a thrill that I had never felt before. I knew I was going to take the classes at the local community college.

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