My wife needed a custom label printer for spice mixes she sells at the farmer’s market

My wife is from the middle east and is the descendent of a long line of artisan spice makers going back several centuries.

Her family had access to the richest and freshest ingredients imaginable, something that is lost with commercial factory farming.

She still creates spice blends with some of the raw spices that her family sends her overseas from back home. One day I told her that she should try selling one of her amazing spice blends. Aside from obvious online commerce, our county is also home to five amazing farmer’s markets if you go from city to city. I told my wife that I would help her with the booth every Saturday if she was successful with her spices. Even though she expressed utmost skepticism with my confidence in her business venture, she reluctantly agreed. I don’t think she was expecting the immediate positive response that she got from the surrounding community. I was buying bulk glass jars off websites like Amazon and using a basic label maker to put the names of each spice blend on the outside. At some point I got the idea of designing a brand label for my wife’s spices and purchasing a custom label printer to create them for each jar. I used an unexpected work bonus to purchase the new custom label printer and surprised my wife one afternoon when I brought it home with me when I returned from work. She was absolutely ecstatic and we both started working on a brand label in photoshop in our freetime. It was a fun activity for us to share and now her business is growing further as her branding receives exposure in both the local and digital marketplaces.


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