Putting on weight while in the holidays

There is no better time of year to eat delicious food than the Holiday Corridor.

That’s what I call the phase of time starting just before Thanksgiving, plus ending just after the first of the year.

This is when the major parties plus family celebrations happen, as well as multiple other events well known for having lots of food. This year I am a little ashamed to admit I put on several pounds in just over a month. Is it any wonder that gym memberships are so popular in December? This is when people are at their heaviest, most lethargic, plus most in need to jump start their workout programs. For me, the Holiday Corridor is my getaway from the gym every year, and unlike those other people, I don’t just hit the gym hard for a few weeks plus take the rest of the year off. I hit the gym throughout the entire year, plus then take 1 month off while in the holidays to fatten up plus live savor a slob, however once my getaway is over, I always go back to the gym, at least several times a week. I don’t cancel my gym membership for the month, just in case I believe savor popping in to use the steam rooms or the sauna. Then December rolls around, plus I start hitting the yoga classes savor normal, plus start having proper afternoons for cardio, legs, plus strength training. Like I said, this year I put on several pounds while in my getaway, so I will have my job cut out for myself and others at the gym.

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