So loving the geothermal HVAC in our new home

I wasn’t wild at all about moving.

But then again, I’m not exactly all that into change of any sort.

Yet, moving from the family home was really tough. It was tough both emotionally and logistically. There were plenty of upgrades needed to our home before we could put it on the market. And one of those upgrades was the HVAC equipment. In fact, it was the old HVAC unit giving out that prompted the serious move toward getting our home on the market. The HVAC company was great and we were able to get the sort of HVAC technology in the house that would attract buyers. And with that new HVAC unit and other changes, we were able to make much more money off the home sale than I had anticipated. It was so much so that we didn’t have to worry too much when it came to building a new house. My wife and I wanted to build a home that would be efficient for just the two of us and easy to take care of. But with the extra money, we also decided to go with some HVAC technology that we really liked. That would be the geothermal heat pump. The idea of a geo heat pump was always appealing. This type of HVAC equipment is just so amazingly efficient and last forever. But it doesn’t come cheap. So it was nice that we made more money from the sale of our family home and could get the sort of quality heating and air that we really wanted.

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