The benefits of working at the gym

It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means! It means that for a few weeks everyone starts to care about their health and fitness, and how they are going to change their approach.

I am confounded every year why so many people pretend to care because of New Years, when for the other 11 and a half months a year they just act like normal. Maybe these people are just virtue signaling, or maybe they genuinely only think about getting into better shape when there is a major social event. New year’s resolutions are bunk, exercise and physical fitness is something you need to stick with over the long term. I work at the gym, but that isn’t why I am so focused on wellness and fitness. You don’t start working at a gym if you don’t love the process already. This isn’t something like working a cash register, that you can pick up in a couple of days, the people who work at the gym usually have a passion for physical fitness. I know I do! I have been big into weight lifting since I was a teenager, and when I first discovered this gym I was a member for months before I even applied for a job. I have a full time job as well, I just work a few hours a week at the gym because I love it. Also, because I am an employee of the gym I am given a free membership and can work out anytime I want for free.

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