The guy was totally obnoxious and talked too much

My sister brought her new boyfriend over for dinner on Wednesday, when every one of us had dinner with our parents. Each week on Wednesday, my sister and I go to our parents house for a weekly dinner. My mom makes our favorite foods from our childhood like chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, and apple cake. My sister brought her new boyfriend last week when we had dinner with our parents. I was not impressed with the guy named Jack. My sister told my parents that she had been dating Jack for a couple of months. He worked at a factory downtown as a heating and air conditioning repair technician. My dad knew the factory well, because he worked out of the place before he retired. My dad and my sister’s boyfriend talked about that factory and my dad seemed to like that guy. I did not feel the same way. I thought the guy was totally obnoxious and talked too much. Every time my sister tried to tell a story, that guy interrupted her and changed the subject. Every one of his stories had to do with the HVAC repair industry. I couldn’t tell if the guy was bragging about his job or if he didn’t have anything else interesting to talk about. My sister usually ends up dating the same type of guys that are obnoxious, self-absorbed, and boring. She is attracted to the bad ones. This guy doesn’t seem much different from them. He might be a little better looking, but the new guy reminds me of her ex-husband.

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