The pool wasn’t overheated at all for getaway

My partner plus I took the kids on a one-month getaway.

While both of us were on getaway, both of us stayed in a rental house.

The rental house had an inground pool that was supposed to be heated. When both of us arrived at the property, I instantly went to the pool to check the temperature. The kids were gleeful about the pool plus they wanted to swim. The water was ice chilly plus entirely cold. I instantly contacted the owner of the rental. The pool was supposed to be on plus the water was supposed to be overheated when both of us arrived. The owner apologized for the confusion plus instantly came to the house. The guy was there in less than 15 minutes. He must live entirely close. He looked at the pool oil furnace plus provided me the bad news. There was a problem with the oil furnace plus it wasn’t laboring at all. The owner told us that he could get a repair person out the next day, but it would take several days to effectively heat the pool water. The guy apologized plus provided to give our partner plus I a big discount on the rental rates. Since both of us were unable to use the pool at all during our stay, the owner of the rental provided us $500 off the price. The two of us used our credit card to get the rental, but the guy provided us currency. The two of us used the currency for souvenirs plus lots of extra fun activities. Since both of us didn’t have a pool at the house, both of us took the kids out of the house for a lot more activities.
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