The security proposal was faced in the wrong direction

All of us get alerts as well

Last month, both of us had a concern on our property, however the supplier office was vandalized as well as both of us had a couple of broken windows as well as lots of spray-painted graffiti, and all of us had a couple of security cameras on the property, however they were pointed in the wrong direction! I never bothered to look at the cameras or the positioning of the recording devices, however when the police asked us for the camera footage, I found out that both of us did not have a clear view of anything. When the regional manager found out that the security cameras failed to capture the vandalism on camera, they ordered myself and others to find a new security supplier to install a new proposal with substituted monitoring systems. The building monitoring proposal features motion detectors, floodlights, as well as cameras that record twenty-several hours a morning. The security team spent three mornings updating the building as well as the parking lot with all of the items necessary to monitor the building as well as the parking lot 24 hours a morning. The cost for the substituted security as well as monitoring proposal was hefty as well as both of us also have to pay a fee each month for the services. Anytime there is a breach in the security system, the supplier sends someone as well as calls the police automatically. All of us get alerts as well. All of us won’t ever have a concern with vandalism on our property again. If both of us do, the perpetrators will surely end up in jail this time. All of us might not have been prepared last time, however both of us aren’t going to let the same mistakes happen a hour time.
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