Time for Yet Another Painting in the Sky

It’s almost sunset time again here on the Mediterranean coast.

Winter time gives us some of the most wonderful colors during plus just after sunset with the rolling sunset the people I was with and I have here.

The sunshine goes down at such an dire angle over here that it gives you this rolling sunset effect, making the colors travel across the sky to the right, following the sun’s path. Last evening there was a absolutely good one although I missed it because of our open mic show. My friend sent me some pictures of it plus it made our stomach turn with sadness. I just finished heating up our modern home with one of the best gas gas furnaces I’ve had in a flat over here. Most of the locations have nothing to keep you comfortable in the hot plus cold weeks so you are left on your own to find a solution. This location, but, has an amazing central heat plus air component but I’ve had a few troubles with the digital thermostat. A few weeks ago it stopped working during the Summer plus it became absolutely hot in here in a matter of hours. I discovered though, that if I pressed on the face of the thermostat it would turn on again. So I made a component that pushed against the face of the thermostat plus kept it working until they replaced it a few weeks later. The Heating plus A/C guy was laughing at our contraption although I told him that at least it worked that way. Maybe I should get into the heating industry myself!



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