Turning outdated hunting lodge into guest home with HVAC technology

It was funny what my kid said as soon as he saw the outdated hunting lodge & the property.

She immediately thought that this venue should be shared with others.

I couldn’t have agreed more with his & that’s exactly what the two of us ended up doing. However it took some new HVAC technology to make that all work. The hunting lodge was something that I didn’t really think all that much about. When I was a kid, I had been yanked out of the quality heating & air of lake home for time at the lodge with my Mom. However, I wasn’t exactly all that keen on hunting. I tried although I much preferred the a/c of lake home rather than the rustic vibe of the hunting lodge. While my Mom still went up there on hunting trips, I just didn’t make the journey any longer. Back then, Mom owned a piece of that venue & I assumed that he sold it once he stopped hunting. That was not the case at all. Apparently, my Mom was able to gain all the other rights to the property & never told me. So when he died, I found out that I was the owner of this charming spot. That got me to thinking that it could be a good venue for family as well as a good venue to rent out. With the help of the local HVAC dealer, the two of us added some modern heating & cooling equipment. That came in the form of the ductless heat pumps. Every one of us outfitted the whole venue with ductless heat pumps in each room. It’s turned out charmingly & the two of us welcomed guests there for the first time this past fall.

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