A chilly nightmare that was reality

Last night I was having the strangest dream.

In my dream I was laying in my bed and kept hearing a strange dripping sound that sounded like something was leaking. No matter how much I tried to ignore it in my dream it seemed as though the sound would get louder and louder. Then it got to a point where it was so loud that I woke up and realized the house was freezing cold. After my partner and I did some investigating we found out that our water heater wasn’t running and we had to call an HVAC company to dispatch an on-call technician. Once dispatch arrived they did a great job of keeping things light and inspecting our water heater. Brady the HVAC tech let us know that our water heater had a major leak but he would be able to start fixing it right away. After about an hour and a half Brady had the water heater running well again. The entire time he was extremely kind and personable to my partner and I. He even gave us a few tips on how to take care of the next leak in case we didn’t want to call out HVAC tech. To top it all off, Brady even had a treat to give to our dogs before he left! While it was scary to wake up to find that my dream was based on my reality with the leak, I am glad that Brady and company were able to get it all sorted out.

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