A paper on thriving home comfort businesses in this era

I never realized how much it takes to start a company and maintain as well as improve good quality services throughout its lifetime.

I got to know this when I was writing my paper on the most common and successful HVAC companies of this day.

To get to this though, I had to start with the companies of the past and how they differ from the companies today. What do they do differently, do they deal with new or old systems? Are their business strategies similar? To thoroughly research, I spoke to a couple of professionals in the industry including HVAC technicians and commercial HVAC providers. I also shadowed these professionals while they were on job- site for services such as HVAC tune-ups or installation of furnaces and other heat and AC products. The processes for a company dealing in residential systems were quite similar to those of a company dealing in commercial quality HVAC equipment. The only major difference would be the magnitude of the process and the scale at which the processes are performed. All in all, whether a company is big or just starting up, one thing they all had in common was that they provided help with indoor comfort for all their customers. The other major distinction I noted between startup and established home comfort businesses was the effort and the intricacy of their processes. The issue of having new HVAC systems in their stock also played a huge role, they had both old and new equipment including the dial thermostats, ductless HVACs, and digital thermostats. . Established companies would have frequent commercial HVAC for sale promotions running which brought in more customers and gave the company more recognition. The paper would be interesting and insightful.



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