Bitcoin and Some Good Old Life Lessons

One thing I realize as I get older is that patience is one of the most important virtues in life which makes things easier.

Last year I didn’t have patience and lost over $11k trying to daytrade cryptos when I should have just put my money in and forgotten about it.

I was constantly tinkering with my trades thinking I could outsmart the cryptos and do better than their returns. I ended up spending a lot in fees each time I traded and lost more money because of impatience and greed. Fear also had a part in my losses. Now I spend my time tinkering with my air conditioning and heating system instead of messing with my cryptos. I believed that patience was important enough in life to tattoo it on my wrist so it reminds me whenever I am feeling impatient. I need to be patient and check my HEPA filter to see if it is dirty again. I think it has been a few months since cleaning my washable HEPA and I bet it is quite dirty now. I get a lot of allergies from dust and have been sneezing a lot so I think that I am going to find a lot of dust in it when I take it out of the air handler. I also need to check the condenser grill on the air conditioner inlet because it can get quite grimey over time and make the HVAC system cool less efficiently. It looks like I have lots to do today other than mess with my Bitcoin.