Both of us Have a Week of Cold and Rain Coming

It looks like I will be spending a lot of time indoors over the next several days to a week so I idea on spending it wisely.

I am going to do a lot of meditation and rehab exercises for our shoulders, along with a lot of yoga and self care.

I don’t mind being alone and realize that it can be soul cleansing if done right. My soul could use some cleansing. I know our central oil furnace could use some cleansing too as it has been over a year since I did any cleaning of it. I bet that it is riddled with dirt and dust and that the condenser coils on the cooling system are covered with mildew and grime. They make that spray cleaner that you just spray onto the coils and it does the rest. Some of them don’t even need to be rinsed off so you are free to run your A/C a few hours after it is dry. I know I will take a look at the ducts tomorrow and see what kind of shape they are inside and if they even need to be cleaned. My Heating and A/C rep told myself and others she has a few hours free tomorrow and she can come by to help myself and others wash the HVAC duct so that is going to undoubtedly help myself and others out a lot. I help him occasionally with kindle work or repairs so she kind of owes myself and others a single this time. She is also going to bring myself and others a free HEPA filter when she comes by.


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