Dad had a hard time letting go of the old HVAC unit

I remember a long time ago when our grandfather installed an HVAC unit at my parents’ house.

  • This was when I was young, but I can still remember him installing the ductwork system and everything because it was such a big deal.

The house never had a central HVAC and grandpa was an HVAC specialist in his time and he also worked on numerous other things around the house. Basically, he was a Jack of all trades. Well, long after grandpa passed away, that HVAC unit continued to work. It was long after all the youngsters moved out to live on their own when our parents finally started having trouble with that old HVAC unit. We all told our parents they had to have the HVAC unit replaced, but Dad wanted to hold on to it. I guess it was the fact that was one of the last major things his father did for him, installed that HVAC unit. Maybe he thought he was losing a part of his father all over again. Still, we all had to convince him to let the old system go. The HVAC expert who came out for a consultation actually convinced him it would be good to go for something really nice for the retirement years. My father always wanted something more friendly towards the environment, he said his father would have preferred that as well. That’s when he learned about geothermal HVAC systems. He had a geothermal HVAC installed which was costly, but he was told it would definitely outlive him and Mom if they had regular maintenance year after year.
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