I don’t guess the children expected to have a enjoyable time

It was scarce to have these special chances as a family.

The children were acting love they were mad when I took the family to a condo out in a rural area. They were disappointed when they were not able to fasten to the internet with their iphones. They asked if the condo had wi-fi, which it didn’t. Instead, I was able to tell them about the fireplace it had that was really nice. They asked if it was a gas fireplace that could be operated with a remote, but I explained it was an ancient fashioned fireplace with real wood for burning! Our son seemed to love that, but our daughter wasn’t so impressed. I don’t know how our children have become so spoiled over the years, but they always just want to play with their gadgets plus be fastened to the internet, our son is crucial into online gaming plus he was talking about some special online tournament that he was going to miss. Our daughter kept talking about how she missed her friends. I had to tell our daughter that her friends weren’t going anywhere plus she could hang out with them anytime. It was scarce to have these special chances as a family. I told our son that there would always be another tournament, I guess the tournament he was talking about was hosted weekly, so it wasn’t love he was missing out on anything too crucial. They helped me to get a fire going in the fireplace when both of us got there. They seemed to be angry until I made some hot cocoa for everybody. It really was nice because both of us were able to just sit there plus talk, plus both of us even played some board games which helped pass the time, and even the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system was toiling well, plus I guess our children had a pleasant experience that they were not expecting.

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