I got confused by the commercial HVAC for sale promotion

It had been a cold winter, but now it was starting to let up with the new year. I was fortunate that my furnace broke down just when the weather had gotten a little better. I had decided to have a ductless HVAC for my home so that I could save on space because my house was not as big as I wanted. Since it was my first huge investment, I heed the advice of HVAC technicians on scheduling HVAC tune-ups at least every year. The quality HVAC equipment lasted for a long time and I was glad to have followed the advice from the experts. Even the dial thermostat I had installed outlasted the system. Before the boiler broke down, it had started losing its efficiency. I called the HVAC company that I had been working with and they directed me to a home comfort business where I could get advice on my next system. I was then assigned an expert to take me around the different providers as we searched for the perfect new HVAC system. As we walked around the business center, a sign caught my eye. The sign read “commercial HVAC for sale” I immediately started heading for the commercial HVAC provider with the sign. I lost the expert who was me in the crowd because I was focused on cashing in on the discount regardless. I thought that the commercial system works similarly to the residential ones, they provide help with indoor comfort. As I negotiated the price of the commercial system on sale, the expert I was with walked into the shop and before I could make the payment he stopped me. He explained the difference between the two heat and AC products. Fortunately, I purchased a residential system and also upgraded the thermostat.

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