I guess I should have had a car alarm

I was really disappointed the other day when I hopped in my car ready to go to work.

The window of my car was broken and somebody stole my car stereo, including the subwoofers in the back.

They were nothing over the top, but that still was my sound system and it was suddenly gone. Also with the dashboard being all ripped apart, I was unable to adjust the temperature control settings to get the heating system going. It was really chilly, but at least the windows weren’t too foggy. I was able to get to work safely. After I explained the situation to my boss, he told me I could go get my window fixed and everything else taken care of. So he basically gave me the day off to go get everything fixed, but I only had enough money to cover the window replacement. Before I left, I put my dashboard back together and attached the wiring so I could use my heating system again. At least I was able to adjust the temperature control settings again, even though it was sad that I couldn’t listen to my music while driving. I think sometimes, we take things simple like this for granted, when at any moment, it can all be taken away. So I was able to get my window repaired, and geez it was so expensive! Also, my buddies felt bad for me, so one friend gave me his old car stereo. I hooked it up in no time and I finally had sound in my car! I’ll have to save up money for some new subwoofers and an amp, but I might need to invest in a car alarm as well if I do that.

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