It was driving me crazy not being able to remotely adjust my cooling unit

It seems like something that is not a huge deal, but I just about lost my mind when I lost the remote for my AC unit.

I always have the same routine when it comes to getting to sleep.

I hop in the shower and wash up. Then I brush my teeth and shave. I make sure my alarm is set and then I adjust the temperature control settings of either my window AC unit or my electric fireplace. Both of these HVAC components have a small remote that really comes in handy. I don’t like going to the heating or cooling machine to physically adjust the temperature control unit, so those remotes are the best. Well, when my remote for the cooling unit disappeared, it really messed with my routine. I would hop in my bed not thinking about it and when I reached for the remote, I suddenly realized I would have to get back out of my comfortable bed and go all the way to the window AC unit. After a week or so, I was considering getting a new window AC unit altogether. It seemed so absurd, to have a working window AC unit that I was actively working to replace. Then I thought to check Ebay to see if anybody was selling replacement remotes for my specific window AC model. Shockingly, I was able to find some good deals and these remotes were cheap with free shipping. Because I thought I might end up losing another remote sometime down the road, I decided to buy two of them because they were not too pricey!

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