More Life Philosophy and My Point of View on Happiness

That’s what my stepdad Tom used to say; can you turn the TV up just a tad, haha.

  • He is still around and I am planning to go back to my hometown in FL to visit my family and maybe hang out for about two months if I can stand the American Way anymore.

It’s kind of like that old Billy Joel song “My Life, he says “closed his shop, sold his house, bought a ticket to the west coast” or something like that. That is what I did, more or less, when I moved overseas a few years ago. I was working for an HVAC company doing installations and repairs when one day I had enough and just thought to myself; where am I going to move to? I then did it, I packed up my stuff and sold my house and left the states in search of a more simpler lifestyle. I still do my own HVAC repairs and clean my ductwork when it needs it but I work a lot less now and do more of the things that bring me joy. I play drums with my friend and hit the beach often for a good game of volleyball. I try to take care of my body by using my air purifier and water filters to keep the toxins out of my body and exercise a lot. I also eat very clean except for the occasional treat or whatever. It tastes better when you only eat sweets once in a while, they feel more special and taste amazing.


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