My HVAC company almost got sued by a customer

When I started my business about a decade ago, my father who had also run a successful business before selling it, gave me advice that still drives till today.

He said that your customers might make or break your business and we should always remember the customer is king! I have taken heed of this advice throughout my business.

The operations and effects of my HVAC company extend even to other neighboring states. We have also won a couple of accolades for providing quality services and having a wide range of high-quality HVAC equipment in our inventory. However, we have not gotten this far as the most reputable home comfort business in the state without our share of scandals and irate customers. One of my supervisors had just recruited a novice HVAC technician from graduate school. We have an apprentice program at the company and it is not unusual to employ green professionals as we get a chance to train them. The mistake was assigning a high-end task of purchasing and installing a new HVAC system at a new customer’s residence. The supervisor left the trainee unattended as he did an HVAC tune-up on a furnace next door. The novice professional had gone to a commercial HVAC provider and because he saw the sign that read, “commercial HVAC for sale” he thought all heat and AC products were at a discount. The tech purchased a commercial system for a residential house plus a digital thermostat to replace the dial thermostat. The supervisor noticed this when he was about to help with the installation as the customer wanted a ductless HVAC system. The mistake caused the team to lose valuable hours and made the customer very irate. The supervisor was able to rectify the situation and provide help with indoor comfort.

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