Our son suggested we make homemade pizza

When we were talking about what we would have for supper the other day, our son suggested that we make home made pizza.

He said he learned the perfect recipe for dough in school.

So we got all the materials that were needed and set the ideal temperature control settings in the house. The cooling system was feeling really good on such a hot day. Well, I guess it wasn’t the best idea to be using the oven for baking, but it was necessary to cook everybody’s specialized homemade pizza. It wasn’t long though when the kitchen area was feeling severely overheated, regardless of the cooling system working hard. The children wanted us to crank the AC system even more, but I told them I didn’t think the system could handle it and I didn’t want the energy bills to spike too high either. Well, it was a relief after using a fan in the kitchen and finally finishing with all the pizzas. It took awhile for the kitchen area to cool down, but we ate in the dining room where the temperature really wasn’t that bad. We enjoyed those pizzas with some cool drinks. For dessert, we decided to have some ice cream that I brought home because I didn’t want to overheat the kitchen area by baking something else like cookies or brownies. I really am going to have to get a window AC unit for the kitchen space or something that will help cool things down. Some buddies of mine have been talking about investing in ductless mini split systems. I think I might look into something like that with HVAC zone control.

ductless multi split