Participating in the annual inter-company competitions

Every year, I would attend the inter-company competition as a spectator and would witness companies win and some lose. It is a big deal to win this competition due to the recognition it carries. It is not easy to win and neither is it easy to be shortlisted. The process of shortlisting is very rigorous and backed by only facts and proof. After building my HVAC company for years, I have decided I will be participating in this year’s competition. I started the rigorous process of signing up for my home comfort business. One of the main requirements is to have dealt also in commercial heat and AC products. The organizers needed proof of some of the high-priority HVAC tune-ups that we have done. They also asked questions regarding our commercial HVAC provider stores scattered all over the state. After all the scrutiny and investigation on the quality HVAC equipment that we sell, my company was shortlisted to participate in the competition. Our senior HVAC technicians geared up for the D-day. The first round involved trivia on the new HVAC systems in the market and how they can help with indoor comfort in residential or commercial properties. We then moved to several commercial HVAC for sale and were given a case study where we would come up with pricing even with the poor economy. The competition took a couple of hours. There was a session where we had to select a dial thermostat from all the thermostats ever invented. We also serviced and revived seemingly broken-down furnaces and ductless HVAC systems. Though it was a long day, we were optimistic about our performance. With this being the first time participating, we surely outdid ourselves because we won!! This catapulted our reputation to the most popular company in the state.


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