Thank You Mr Biden for my New HVAC System

It looks like I’ll be getting my new HVAC equipment sooner than later.

It seems as though the new crypto regulation is only going to strengthen them in the long run.

I am going to treat myself today with some new HEPA filters for my appliances and vacuum cleaner. Bitcoin jumped almost 10% today and I think we may be out of the slump unless the war drags us back down, I guess we just need to sit and watch it all unfold. I’m motivated today to clean my HVAC system and ductwork after seeing this good news this morning. I just hope the bull run has started and remains strong for a long time to come. I am going to the local contractor today to see if he has any new smart thermostats as mine is about to die soon. I have an old dial model and it is very inaccurate and I think it is older than I. I would like to get a wifi programmable thermostat so I can set it once and be done with it. I spend way too much time adjusting it several times a day and am getting tired of doing it. I don’t think the smart thermostats will set me back that much and just saving the hassles alone is worth the extra money I spend on it. I am so happy that Bitcoin is on its way up again. I hope you realize it is here to stay and put a little money in it before it takes off. Good luck!



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