The HVAC was clean looking, but it didn’t work very well

When my wife and I finally invested in a home purchase, we thought everything about this particular home was all that we ever wanted.

There was a lovely fireplace, the HVAC seemed nice, and there was a good amount of property.

We even have our own little forested area in the back and the kids love to go to play out there sometimes. I just tell them not to climb the trees because I don’t want them getting hurt. I also tell them to watch out for wild animals like a cougar or something like that. You never know in these parts, it’s a rural area. Well, the HVAC system turned out to be a front because while the HVAC system was clean, it didn’t work very well at all. I guess this is what we get for trying to test the HVAC in the middle of the spring season, before we were able to see just how well the cooling system worked. With so much trouble with the cooling system, we were dreading the winter season. Instead of trying to move on with this HVAC after summer was finally done, we had an HVAC expert come out for a free consultation. He said it was a miracle that the old HVAC system was even working at all, and he was surprised that our cooling system kept on working, even though not very well. We just kept changing the air filters and hoped it would keep us cool enough, but the energy bills were very pricey. So we were able to get a new HVAC installed just before winter, and so far the heating system has been working great. The heating bills aren’t too costly either, so we’re thankful for that.


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