The Old Man From the HVAC Business is Back!

So, I thought I lost the old guy who worked at the HVAC business when they closed down last month but he got a new job at another HVAC store and is not gone after all. I went in to see him today and he gave me some more life tips which I could share with you. He told me that love and patience are my best guides in life and that if I focus on those virtues my life would be great and I would become the best version of myself. As I looked at the new HVAC technology in the store he helped some other people find a HEPA filter for their HVAC system and shared some life wisdom with them too. He told me to help others when I can and it would make me a happier person. I asked him if he had any of those geothermal heat pumps so I could take a look at how they function but he told me that they were all sold out because they were such a hot item. He said that they save a lot of money in energy and that everyone is switching to them. He told me that they would have more heat pumps in stock in a few weeks and that I will be on the list for the next one that arrives in the store. They aren’t that expensive and will save me a lot of money each month in energy bills so the cost is irrelevant, more or less. I can’t wait for my geothermal heat pump to arrive!


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